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About URIM Inc.
Its a technology affair. We keep a close circle when it comes to our ventures because we understand at the CORE of all enduring corporations is a bond besting service and duty; Family.

We are a technology company and we stay faithful to a mobile first approach. All our niche forays are drawn foremost by a technology solution and then backed up by a super innovative appproach. It must be really innovative to interest us.

We have products in Mobile, Services in Procurement, Portals in Real Estate, Media and communications, Gaming and Health. Our businesses are found under varied business categories and corporate existence, but connections will stay out of this space for the time being.

Urim is registered in the US, under the New York State, Rochester Municipality.
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US: 585-690-9679
NG: (234)809-4278-889
460 Glide Street Suite 1 Rochester, NY 14606. USA.
SUITE 33A Racecourse, TBS. Onikan. Lagos.
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